Love Hurts

First aired
November 18, 2014.
Written by
Jack Bernstein
Directed by
Michael Pressman
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Love Hurts is the 8th episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 and the 8th episode of the entire series.

Summary Edit

A petty officer is found dead in a Mardi Gras float storage facility with an engagement ring and proposal plan in hand. The investigation takes a mysterious turn when the team are unable to locate his supposed long-term girlfriend.

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Quotes Edit

Patton: I'll find her. Nobody gets away from Double P, baby.
Sebastian: Double P? Patton: Yeah, that's my nickname.
Sebastian: Nobody calls you that.
Patton: I do.
Sebastian: You can't give yourself a nickname.
Patton: Why not?
Sebastian: You just you can't. It's a known rule. You're breaking a known rule.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Name Portrayed by Role
Dwayne Cassius Pride Scott Bakula Senior Special Agent in charge of the NCIS New Orleans office, NCIS
Christopher LaSalle Lucas Black NCIS Special Agent
Meredith Brody Zoe McLellan NCIS Special Agent
Sebastian Lund Rob Kerkovich Forensic Specialist, Jefferson Parrish Coroner's office
Loretta Wade C.C.H. Pounder Medical Examiner, Jefferson Parrish Coroner's office

Recurring Edit

Name Portrayed by Role
Patton Plame Daryl Mitchell Computer Tech

Guest Edit

Name Portrayed by Role
Phil Martino Wes Brown Navy Chief Petty Officer
Rodney Abbott Kyle Davis
Marco Drayer Shawn Carter Peterson
Carlton Hume Matt Riedy Navy Admiral
James Walker Chris Ufland
Melissa Catherine Ashton
Lena Vanessa Cloke
Salvage Collector Michael Endoso
Robbie Breighton Hamel

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