Original Network.CBS

No Of Season's.6

No.Of Episodes.145 Episodes

Main Cast

Kim Raver As Special Agent In Charge Paris Summerskill.John Corbett As Intelligence Anyalst Roy Haines

Edwin Hodge As Tech Anyalst Kai Ashe.Gillian Alexy As Special Agent Clarie Keats.Scott Grimes As Forensic Agent Dave Flynn.Miguel Ferrer As Assistant Director Owen Granger.

NCIS Red Follows Agent Paris Summerskill A NCIS Agent And A Member On NCIS Red

She Used To Work For NCIS New York Field Office Under The Supervision Of NCIS Operations Manager Hetty Lange.The NCIS Red Team Mobile Unit Investigates Crimes In Others Countries And Cities The Red Team Is Stationed In Georgia But There Never There They Work In 2 Truck's Mobile Command Center